siding services

Siding & Windows & Roofs

Maximize benefits such as energy efficiency by partnering with KW Homes for siding installation, repair or renovation. We can construct flexible sliding that allows you to re-use or eliminate for expansion while enhancing visual aspects.

Windows can enhance the functionality, aesthetics and comfort for your home. KW Homes helps you identify efficient windows for hot, mixed and frigid climates. Whether you want to repair, overhaul or renovate windows, we install windows as a means of illumination and a decorative touch. Our team has repaired, removed and installed all types of windows such as stationary, double-hung or casement.

KW Homes prioritizes helping homeowners to make an informed economic choice when contemplating roofs. Guided by nimble-fingered experts, we measure, lay out, design, and craft a whole range of roofs. Get everything you need to estimate, install, and repair all types of roof coverings such as asphalt, shingles, clay tile, metal or wood shingles.


Hurricanes, floods and cyclones leave decay from water damage in their aftermath. During inspections, we keep a weather eye on plywood, studs, plumbing infrastructure, electrical systems and insulation. Left alone, rot has degraded beachfront condominiums and homes into dilapidated structures. Contact Us for exterior rot remediation, hidden structural damage repair and piling restoration.


KW Homes has the know-how to remove and replace any facade including stucco. Our team diagnoses the impacts of moisture, cracking and deterioration. Stucco fall prey to cracking which opens a new can of worms from moisture invasion. A qualified building contractor with the expertise to perfectly remediate your property helps curb extended damage and expense in the long run.

Concrete & Masonry

As a full-service masonry and concrete contractor, we provide attention to detail for masonry works to produce high quality workmanship. Our builders have the experience and knowledge for any type of concrete work, brick, stone and masonry. Your building’s outer appearance and the land surrounding it give it the first impression. We help with new foundations, commercial and residential driveways and parking lots. We can also repair existing structures.
Concrete is the core of buildings and thus, sets the tone for those who occupy the property. We start with cement framing when pouring concrete to make sure the structure looks crisp, clean and glamorous. Stone creates unique hard surfaces that completes the ensemble and increases value. Concrete provides superior durability and resists decay, mold and pest infestation.

Stone & Brick

We specialize in structures that require stone or brick such as fences, walkaways, walls, fireplaces and furnaces in residential establishments. Brick and stone surfaces have low maintenance demands and durable materials. Our brick and stone masons possess hand-eye coordination, mathematical skills and visual acuity to build stylish and stable structures. They also examine blueprints or drawings to estimate materials needed.

KW Homes offers start-to-finish solutions for every stone and brick project. While stones or bricks provide the building blocks, our masonry dexterity gives your buildings strength and decorative elements. For final touches, we brush away excess mortar and ensure the structure has perfect horizontal and vertical plane. We use advanced tools and equipment to enhance safety for all masonry works.


Alterations and home improvements provide adaptations to help you tailor your home to individual taste or demands. KW Homes makes minor or major adjustments to reflect the needs of senior citizens and disabled tenants. Examples of minor adaptations include fitting simple ramps, removing door edgings, moving sockets, installing flash doorbells and fitting support rails. We can also make substantial alterations for lifts on stairs, remove a bath or fit hoists to ceilings. Alterations may involve additions to existing structures and replacing fixtures.